More time teaching. Less time testing.

Wham is a three-minute teacher-friendly phonics assessment scored online with reports, activities and reminders.

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What is Wham?

Phonics Diagnostic Assessment

Digital for use on any device. Ten sequential skills. Immediate scoring to determine instruction. Reports, resources, and email reminders. Free trial.

Why Wham?

More time teaching. Less time testing.

Students who cannot sound out words quickly are unable to comprehend text. Current paper and pencils assessments take 10-15 minutes to administer, plus additional time to record into a spreadsheet, analyze the needed skills for each student, and prepare the lessons. Teachers need to minimize assessment time to maximize instruction and learning time.

Who is Wham for?

Any student not yet reading proficiently.

All students not yet reading at grade level or new to your school can be given the assessment. Students read word lists, nonsense word lists, and words in text in all levels of the assessment. English Language Learners (ELLs) and students with low cognitive skills often struggle with nonsense words as they try to make meaning from the words.

How to use Wham?

Provide students with Wham Phonics Student Page.

Print out the Wham Phonics Student Page and hand it out to the student. As students read words in each section, the teacher sits by and taps the word or words that are read incorrectly. If a student scores 80% in a category, the assessment moves to the next skill. When a student scores less that 80% in two consecutive skills, the assessment stops. The scores are recorded as red (below benchmark) or green (proficient).

When should teachers give Wham?

Beginning, middle, and end of the school year.

Wham should initially be administered at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Additionally, every three weeks; a common midpoint in the teaching and learning cycle used in implementing interventions, or as your district requires. Teachers can set up a reminder email to get a notification about tests that are due.